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Damn Good News: Meet Give Back Brands, Social Entrepreneurs, & Ethical Goods

  • The Importance of Socially Responsible Corporate Gifts

    The holidays are a great time to show your appreciate for clients, employees, and supporters of your business! Socially responsible corporate gifting is a great way to accomplish this!
  • Pet Products That Give Back

    I am SO excited to announce that we have ethically made pet products just in time for the holidays! You sure can't forget your furry little friend!
  • Lazarus Artisan Goods + BRANDED Collective Collaborations

    Two social impact brands are better than one! And that's why we love the collaboration pieces between Lazarus Artisan Goods and BRANDED Collective. A bit about the good work each brand does.....
  • 3 Impactful Host/Hostess Gifts for the Holiday Season

    The season of holiday gatherings is upon us! Holiday parties, family dinners, & all the festive times that accompany the end of the year. Here are a few socially responsible host/hostess gifts to purchase if you're looking for a little something to thank your friends/family for hosting this holiday season.
  • 5 Hilarious Responses to Shit Show Sweatshirt

    This past weekend I did my first big show for Give a Damn Goods. It was fun to put the products out there and see the customers response. As you al...
  • Conscious Consumerism is a Team Effort: Build Relationships

    I think it's pretty rare for shop owners to try all of the products they carry and have personal relationships with the brands. But lucky for me, I'm able to do that with Give a Damn Goods! I really value my brand relationships. All of the products and brand partnerships in Give a Damn Goods online store stemmed out of relationships built from The Honest Consumer.
  • Why Don't You Have More Color Options?

    You may have noticed most of  the  Give a Damn Goods apparel tends to be in blues, blacks, & whites....why? 1) Well we're a conscious apparel ...
  • Sustainable Wedding Gifts

    Fall Wedding season has been kicked into gear....maybe you're tired of ordering off the same registry and want to purchase the newly weds (pun intended keep reading) something unique? Newly has an incredible range of sustainable home goods made from recycled materials! Check out some of their products and consider gifting sustainably!
  • Why Give a Damn Goods Doesn't Give Back

    While Give a Damn Goods supports the cause-worthy missions of multiple brands, at this point in time we don't give back monetarily....why? Well in all honesty, I can't afford to right now. I launched this mini online marketplace about a month ago! And with experience working on The Honest Consumer, I've seen a lot of brands that are so focused on giving back, sometimes their own finances and livelihood suffers.
  • What's a Vendor Fair? And Why You SHOULD Be Going

    Vendor fairs,  makers markets, craft shows....there are a lot of different names for these events. Basically, it's a curated shopping experience! And whatever name you choose to call it by (we'll use vendor fair in this post) they are SO much fun! I've been going to them for years and I seek these events out.
  • Pre-Order Your Long Sleeve Give a Damn T-Shirt

    PRE-ORDER your long sleeve Give a Damn Goods tees today!!! They're on their way to us, so we will be ready to ship them to you next week! We have two fun styles both unisex fit & ethically made here in the USA.