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New year, new you? Give a damn about 2019? Looking for some inspiration for that new years resolution? Here are a few ideas for living a more conscious life style that could be do-able resolutions! Try to get a couple friends and commit to one of the following resolutions! That way you can have fun living consciously together and hold each other accountable!  

1) Sustainable Substitutes
Instead of plastic water bottles try using a reusable water bottle. The Yuhme Water Bottle is my personal favorite choice! When you go to the grocery store use reusable produce bags and reusable grocery bags! There are three easy swaps to live more sustainably.

2) Less Driving
Lower your carbon footprint by walking, biking, or taking public transit. You'll get your exercise & our planet will be happy too!

sustainable new years resolutions

3) Buy Less, Choose Well
Focus on purchasing only things your truly need, items that will last, or items that positively impact others. Buy less and choose well this year! This practice has the potential to save you money, keep you from over cluttering, and practice conscious consumerism. Invest in high quality goods that matter.  

4) Swap Your Coffee/Tea for a Fair Trade Brand
By purchasing fair trade, you are ensuring that the farmers behind your favorite caffeinated beverage are being paid and treated fairly! This year try to purchase only fair trade coffee or tea to help support farmers around the world! My personal favorite coffee is Singing Rooster's Vienna! 

sustainable new years resolutions

New Year, New Items

Gifts for Eco-friendly

The Change Water Bottle

Social Impact: Yuhme creates sustainable, plastic free water bottles made from sugarcane. Each water bottle sold provides six months of clean water for communities in the Central African Republic through
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Jewelry That Gives Back

Druzy Quartz Studs

Social Impact: Kind Karma jewelry is locally made in the Toronto area and handcrafted by at-risk and transitioning homeless youth. Product Description: These studs measure approximately 8mm in diameter and
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Wholesale Fair Trade Coffee

Medium-Dark Vienna Coffee

Social Impact: Singing Rooster supplies U.S. markets with gourmet Haitian coffee by partnering commercially with small producers in Haiti to build better businesses. Singing Rooster helps farmers with business training,
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