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5 Reasons to Start Your Holiday Shopping Early

by Emily Waddell

I know, I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet and all the holiday ads & sales are already runnings. There are some wonderful advantages to starting your holiday shopping before Thanksgiving. One of those being less stressed as the holidays approach. Check out these reasons why you should start your holiday shopping ASAP. And don't forget to shop small businesses this holiday season! 

ethical shopping during the holidays

Shop small, local & socially responsibly 

By starting your shopping in November, this gives you more time to research the ethics of brands before you buy & shop your values. This gives you plenty of time to enjoy local craft fairs and order from small businesses that will be grateful for your support this holiday season. Shopping early prevents those quick last minute online orders from name brand stores and gives you time to enjoy shopping.

More time & less stress

Let's be real. The holidays get stressful with family coming in, cooking, traveling, & gifts. By starting your shopping early you'll be less stressed and have more time to sit back and relax.

First dibs on the good gifts!

The unique & funny gifts go fast. I speak from experience as a small business owner...our Shit Show Tee sells out quickly around the holidays because it's unique, sustainable, and funny. Start your shopping early to get dibs on the truly unique gifts that will be meaningful to your loved ones. Plus with all the insane black Friday & Cyber Monday madness businesses are sure to sell out of things quickly. Beat the rush by shopping before the sale days...sure you might not get the deal, but you'll have your sanity.

shop small this holiday season
why you should start christmas shopping early

Receive your packages on time. 

I also speak out of experience as a small business owner. I can get your package in the mail on time....but you know how crazy the post office & mail services get during the holidays. Ensure your packages make it to your on time by ordering early.

Give more thoughtful gifts.

Having more time to shop typically results in more thoughtful gifts. As I stated prevents last minute online orders from name brand stores. This gives your more of a chance to shop local craft fairs & boutiques to keep your eye out for gifts that make you think of a certain person. And put meaningful thought into the gift you're giving.

This holiday season please remember to support small businesses. For ideas & resources on ethical & sustainable gifts consider checking out the 2019 Damn Good Holiday Gift Guide or the 2019 Ethical Holiday Gift Guide by The Honest Consumer. Purchase wisely as you hold a lot of power as to where you spend your money.

Ethical Gifts to Love

zero waste polymer clay earrings
zero waste polymer clay earrings
polymer clay earrings

Moon Crater Minimal Marble Earrings


Social Impact: These eco-conscious earrings are ethically made in Michigan. This woman owned company celebrates zero waste design ensuring all excess materials are used. 

Product Description: Moon crater minimal marble collection. Items are handmade from polymer clay. Earrings have stainless steel post backs. Items are ethically-made and sustainable. They are zero-waste. Earrings are lightweight and easy to wear. Each may vary slightly due to the handmade nature of the item. Dimensions are around 2.25 in. X 1.25 in. 

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star of the shit show shirt
star of the shit show shirt
star of the shit show t-shirt
shit show t-shirt
shit show shirt
shit show shirt
shirt show t-shirt
shit show shirt
shit show shirt
shit show t-shirt
shit show shirt
affordable sustainable clothes
affordable sustainable clothes
shit show shirt
eco-friendly t-shirt size chart

Shit Show T-Shirt


The Star of the Shit Show t-shirt encourages people to embrace the messiness of life and embrace self love. It's okay to not be put together all the time! As a shit show myself, I'd go as far to say  life is more exciting when you don't have your shit together! Our ethical clothing encourages shoppers to look past the pressure of having a perfect "Instagramable" life, encourages people to embrace their imperfections, and learn to laugh through the messiness of life. 

Social Good

This tee design was hand drawn by Give a Damn Goods founder & made by our friends at GOEX. GOEX partners with LIFE, a Haitian-owned manufacturing facility near Port-au-Prince, Haiti. A life-giving alternative within the apparel industry, LIFE treats their skilled employees with respect and pays a fair wage that reinstates pride, dignity, and stability within their families. GOEX is part of the Fair Trade Federation, a third party ensuring workers are paid livable wages & treated with respect. GOEX also uses eco-friendly materials such as recycled polyester made from recycled water bottles and USA grown cotton. 

Product Description: 

This fair trade t-shirt features a tri-blend of 25% US-grown cotton, 50% recycled polyester and 25% rayon. The recycled polyester is made from recycled water bottles & each shirt has contains the equivalent of approximately 5 plastic water bottles! Unisex sizes to flatter everyone and women's v-necks for a more fitted style.

Out of stock of your size? Don't worry! We have our tees made in small batches to avoid creating excess product & waste. We restock our short sleeve tees about once a month. Sign up for our e-mail list here to be notified when sizes are restocked.

Washing & Care: We recommend washing in cold water & hang drying your tee! As this will ensure it lasts the longest and is better for the environment! 

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damn good coffee
damn good coffee
medium dark fair trade coffee
organic fair trade coffee
fueled by coffee shirt
small batch fair trade coffee

Damn Good Coffee


Social Impact

This is a collaboration with my favorite local coffee roasters, Frenchie Coffeea family owned coffee roaster located in Port Orchard, WA. Frenchie Coffee works with South American coffee farms and roasts the organically grown beans in small batches.  This socially responsible gives back by donating 5% of proceeds to animal shelters.

Product Description

Frenchie Coffee is oragnically grown on farms using fair trade practices. Our Damn Good Coffee features my favorite medium dark Frenchie blend from Peru. This Peruvian coffee is low on acidity with nutty notes that gives it a smooth smoky finish. Generally, Peruvian coffee has a light to medium body and a smooth aftertaste. It’s also aromatic and incredibly flavorful. Because of its mildness, it’s perfect for blending but the sweet, nutty taste also means it can be savored on its own.

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