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Unwrapping gifts is a load of fun, but sadly it has a negative impact on the planet! Thankfully there are eco-friendly ways to wrap! Here are a few ideas!

Yes, do the obvious and recycle the gift wrap and products that you can. BUT take it a step further and see what you have around your house to craft wrapping paper out of! Old newspapers? Brown bags? Use the materials to create your own wrapping paper, bring out the paint, and get super crafty with it!

Save and reuse those bags and tissue paper that friends gift to you instead of buying new wrapping supplies. This is great because 1) it reuses previous materials and keeps them out of landfills 2)it's free!  

How to wrap gifts sustainably

There are a few ways you can go with this option! Use cloth to wrap gifts in. This allows the gift receiver to be able to reuse the cloth as a tea towel, wrapping supplies, etc. AND it prevents any silly wrapping materials from ending up in landfills. Ten Thousand Villages has some awesome recycled Sari Gift Wrap that is colorful and fun! Great for reusing! Or another way to embrace fabric wrapping is by purchasing re-usable organic cotton bags to gift! This acts as a bonus gift! The receiver can reuse the cotton bags when heading out to the farmers market or grocery store!

Some Eco-friendly Products We're Loving

blanket made from recycled materials

Cross Throw Blanket

Social Impact: Newly creates high end home goods from recycled materials. Product Description: 51% recycled cotton & 49% recycled plastic bottles (and unbelievably soft) Each blanket uses 12 plastic bottles
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Wholesale Plastic Free Water Bottles

The Power Water Bottle

Social Impact: Yuhme creates sustainable, plastic free water bottles made from sugarcane. Each water bottle sold provides six months of clean water for communities in the Central African Republic through
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Social Impact: SO MUCH GOODNESS IN THIS TEE Our t-shirt supplier produces great quality shirts, while fighting generational poverty in Haiti. LIFE, the Haitian facility where the shirts are produced,
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