Thistle Farms: Empowering Women Through Bath & Body Products

Gifts That Give BackThistle Farms is another brand near & dear to my heart from my time living in Nashville. I was able to visit Thistle Farms multiple times and witness the positive impact this social enterprise has on women. Thistle Farms is a brand of natural home and body products handcrafted in by survivors of addiction, prostitution, and human trafficking. Thistle Farm's  employment program is just one of many ways this social enterprise is empowering women.

From the start founder, Becca Stevens has believed in order for these women to be successful, Thistle Farms needs to focus on the whole woman. She made sure her organization addresses all aspects of the women's lives, not just providing jobs or shelter, but also providing love, encouragement, and other resources needed to succeed. As the Thistle Farms motto states “Love Heals." 

Empowering Survivors of TraffickingToday Thistle Farm's residential program, Magdalene, allows these women to have the time and care they need to recover. Women are connected with therapists, opportunities to get their GED, medical attention, and more. Classes are offered on childcare, financial management, etiquette, and other skills for these women to lead successful lives. Survivors are employed by the social enterprise of Thistle Farms. Women may have jobs such as creating the home and body products, office administration, sales, or working in the cafe.

Thistle Farms products are wonderful quality! Personally, I'm a fan of their mini-products because I can stick these in my purse and moisturize wherever I go. The candles are also a personal favorite that I love to gift to friends and family. People love receiving a gift that gives back and has a meaningful story. During my first visit to Thistle Farms, I fell in love with the work this organization is doing. I was able to witness firsthand how my purchase of a simple lotion or candle can have a positive impact on the lives of others. Because of customer purchases, in 2017 Thistle Farms



  • Housed 61 survivors in the Magdalene residential program.
  • Employed 41 survivors across all departments.
  • Helped 11 survivors to move into their own apartment.
  • Provided 1,873 medical and mental health appointments.
  • Funded 208 women's salaries around the world through our Global partnerships
I encourage you to support Thistle Farms mission empowering survivors of addiction, prostitution, and human trafficking by purchasing their products. You'll love them!!

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