World Mental Health Day: 5 Products That Help Me with My Daily Anxiety

Today is World Mental Health Day. As most of you know, I'm very transparent with my struggle with anxiety through The Honest Consumer. I wanted to share a few of our products I think are particularly great for friends struggling. 

Gifts for People with Anxiety1. An Encouraging Bracelet: I think BRANDED Collective's cuffs are perfect for reminding friends that they are not alone in the struggle of mental health. BRANDED's cuffs are stamped with encouraging sayings such as Courage Dear Heart, Little by Little, I am Enough, and Beauty from Darkness. It's always nice to look down and see a little reminder on your wrist that you are loved, not alone, and life is a journey. 

2. Lavender: Lavender is something that helps me calm down. Whether it's a lavender candle, lotion, or actual lavender the smell is very relaxing. I like to put it on before I got to bed at night. I also love to keep the Thistle Farms  minis in my purse so that if I'm feeling anxious out and about I can pull those out and smell the relaxation. 

3. Journal: For me writing is very therapeutic as you've probably noticed on The Honest Consumer. I always love to have a fresh journal nearby to write down new ideas or anxious thoughts. I try to keep a journal by my bed for nighttime anxieties.  

Gifts That Give Back Candles4. Weighted Blanket: My weighted blanket is GREAT! Seriously, it helps me feel so calm. The extra weight is great for calming nerves and really helps me sleep at night! Personally I use the weighted blanket from Weighting Comforts. 

5. Candles: Creating a safe space is something I've found really important. I like to create a relaxing atmosphere by lighting a candle and putting on some soft music. Right now I'm totally into the fall scents like Pumpkin Spice and Love You a Latte. 

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