Sell Give Back Brands, It's What Your Customers Want

Give Back Brands Wholesale- Why Toms Was SuccessfulWith the fast pace of our society, there has been a disconnect in what consumers have been purchasing and the impact of their purchases. However, recently the retail industry has seen an increase in impact marketing and a demand for goods with a story. Retailers and consumers witnessed the massive success of Toms Shoes. Toms used a one for one business model, donating a pair of shoes to people in need with each pair purchased. 

So why was Toms successful?
People want to feel like they can do something to help and giving away money isn't enough. There is not a direct connection with making a donation. Consumers do not know what their money is used for if they make a donation. CauseGood reports, 64% of shoppers say simply giving money away isn’t enough; they want businesses to integrate social impact directly into their business models like the Buy One Give One Model Toms Shoes uses. Retailers and consumers have continued to support Toms Shoes over the years and have latched onto the story. 

Why Retails Need to Sell Give Back Brands: It Keep Customers Coming BackSo how do Give Back Brands effect retailers?

Now is the perfect time for you to differentiate yourself as a retailer. Consumers are beginning to demand goods that have a meaningful story attached. Lead the way and curate a large selection of give back brands within your store and your customers will keep coming back. They will associate your store with meaningful products that they can connect with.

There are so many give back brands that have a deeper social impact and higher quality goods than Toms. Give a Damn Goods Wholesale is here to help retailers discover give back brands with a meaningful impact. Give a Damn Goods Wholesale represents a handful of different brands that carry high quality goods and focus on social impact causes such as fair trade, giving back, sustainable values and more. Give a Damn Goods Wholesale services are FREE to boutiques carrying inventory. Apply today so Give a Damn Goods Wholesale  can help find social impact brands to sell successfully in your store.  

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