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Labor Day Weekend: A Chance to Shop Small & Responsibly

by Emily Waddell

Cheers from Victoria B.C. where I'm celebrating the long weekend with family. No matter where you are or how you're celebrating, you're probably swamped with those labor day sale ads. With summer coming to an end, school starting, & the long weekend a lot of people are shopping. And TBH it's a great opportunity for businesses to have sales. Even Give a Damn Goods is offering 15% off with LABORDAY15, but I just wanted to take the time to remind consumers to shop small & celebrate the hard working small business owners working their asses off. 

Instead of running to the mall to grab the labor day deals, consider this an opportunity to support a few small businesses. They're probably running some deals & will be grateful for your support. I'm telling you as a small business owner myself, YOUR purchases make a huge difference. You know that saying, "When you buy from a small business an actual person does a little happy." It's 100% true. Sure, I'm not able to mark our items at Give a Damn Goods down 50-70% like the big name stores at the mall, but our goods are high quality & impactful. 

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Your one purchase from a small business can go so far....empowering families, other small suppliers the businesses use, and more! For example let's break it down. When you purchase from Give a Damn Goods your one purchase supports so many. It supports my woman owned business Give a Damn Goods, it supports my ethical suppliers (most of who are woman owned businesses), empowers the communities my suppliers work with such as survivors of trafficking, developing communities, etc. AND each purchase you make is a vote with your dollar supporting the values of the business you're purchasing from. So in our case, your purchase supports our ethical & sustainable values! SO MUCH POWER in one purchase from a small business!

All that to say when you see those tempting big names slashing prices this weekend.... consider venturing to a craft fair or shopping your favorite small businesses online. As small business owners, we truly appreciate the value of your purchase and know you have so many choices when you buy. Shop small and support businesses that share your values.

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gold triangle earrings ethically made by survivors of trafficking

Triangle Earrings


Social Impact: BRANDED Collective provides job training and employment to survivors of human trafficking in Nashville. Many victims of human trafficking are BRANDED; their captors physically mark them with a number or symbol. The BRANDED Collective stands against this brutal practice. Each BRANDED item is stamped with an initial and a number. The initial belongs to the survivor who made your cuff. You can read her story on BRANDED's website. The number is your unique number in the Collective. You can register this number and send a Message of Hope to the survivors. View all BRANDED Collective jewelry here. 

Product Description: These bold earrings make a statement, which is just one of the reasons we love them! Our lovely brass triangle earrings are hand-cut, hand-stamped, polished and assembled by survivors of trafficking in Nashville, Tennessee.

These earrings include your unique BRANDED number and the initials of the survivor who made them. Read about the survivor who made them  and register your unique number along with a message of hope.

Earrings hang about 2.25 inches long
Ear wires are gold-filled and come with rubber safety backs.

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