Who the Hell Are You & Are You Qualified to Run a Damn Store?

The short answer is no, I'm probably not qualified to run an online store. I'm 22 and somedays I can't even remember to brush my hair. But I tend to enjoy getting in over my head. AND I am definitely qualified to advocate for incredible brands impacting the world in a positive manner. 
Social Entrepreneur Launches Online Social Impact BoutiqueAs a sophomore in college (yes, only two years ago...again probably under qualified), I founded The Honest Consumer, an ethical fashion and conscious lifestyle blog. Through The Honest Consumer I grew a conscious community of people who take pride in their purchases. I've been able to share the stories of hundreds of socially responsible brands! I think it's so exciting to see customers begin to understand their purchase power and see how a consumer's face lights up when they know their purchase is making a difference. And so here I am, I'm trying to further my social impact by making social impact goods readily available to consumers and retailers. 

Give a Damn Goods originally started out as solely a wholesale platform to connect retailers with new social impact brands. However, I thought it would be super cool to have a select amount of goods readily available to consumers. While wholesale is still our main focus, I want to make sure everyone has a chance to take part in conscious consumerism and explore the impact of their purchase power.

I have personally tried out products from ALL of the brands in the store. No joke. The brands in this store are some of the coolest change makers! These are companies that I've worked with over and over again for my blog. The Honest Consumer has encouraged me to build strong relationships with brands while creating a strong community for conscious consumers. So I really take pride in the products in this store & on the blog. 

So here we are. I'm launching an online store. A scary journey & a big leap of faith. I'm a little worried that nobody is going to buy the inventory taking up my home office, but hey on the bright side, if nobody does, then I have all my Christmas shopping done for this year. 

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