5 Reasons to Shop with Give a Damn Goods

Dog Shopping OnlineObviously if this cute dog is shopping online at Give a Damn Goods then you should too, right? Haha! I mean besides the fact that I just got your attention with this cute dog shopping online, here are five legit reasons to buy from Give a Damn Goods! Most of our top five reasons have to do with shopping small businesses, intentional purchasing, and products that have a story. We truly believe that these aspects add another dimension to the goods your purchasing. And together we can make a difference!


1) You're supporting small businesses in more ways than one.

You've all heard the saying, "When you purchase from a small business an actual person does a little happy dance." Well it's true, that actual person is me, haha. I get so excited when I see orders come through because I know together we can make a positive impact. The more products customers purchase from me, the more inventory I can order from our brand partners which helps their business grow too! And then they can do happy dances too! Woohoo! By shopping small with Give a Damn Goods you have the power to help multiple businesses carry out their mission with one purchase! 

2) All the products in our online shop have a story.

Products with a StorySharing stories is SO important! Through stories we can shape our values and gain new perspectives based on what others experience in life. Every product in our shop has a story. For example BRANDED Collective jewelry is made by survivors of human trafficking. The Own It Collection by Give a Damn Goods was designed to encourage people to embrace the messiness of life. Yuhme water bottles give back to an organization training community members in Central African Republic to care for water wells. Products with a story make great gifts too! 

3) Quality is key.

I, the founder of Give a Damn Goods, have personally tried multiple products from each of the brands in our shop. The brands in our online shop were selected through relationships I'd built from The Honest Consumer. I have personal relationships with these business owners. I know they are passionate about their mission and I personally use multiple products from each brand listed in our consumer shop! I selected these brands for the store because of their values, quality, and uniqueness. 

4) Products That Value The People & Planet

Gifts That Give BackThe products in Give a Damn Goods shop are specifically chosen with the people and planet in mind. We want to think about the entire effect a purchase can have, not only does it make the consumer happy, but what does the supply chain look like? How were the people who made the item treated? What kind of an impact does this product have on the environment? Who is supported through this purchase? Maybe this isn't something you think about on a daily basis when you make purchases, and that's okay, by purchasing from Give a Damn Goods we've already done that thinking for your because all our products are socially responsible! Not to say that you shouldn't think about that yourself, but we try to make it easy for customers to take part in responsible shopping.

5) Empowerment

Gifts That EmpowerAt Give a Damn Goods we love empowering people! We try to empower our customers by sharing the stories with them and encouraging them to use their purchase power positively. Our brands empower a variety of different groups. Lazarus Artisan Goods and Haiti Made empower communities in developing countries through sustainable employment opportunities. Thistle Farms and BRANDED Collective empower survivors of human trafficking through healing, job training, and employment. Singing Rooster empowers Haitian coffee farmers. Check out our other brands to see who they give back to!

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