Damn Good News

Meet the 23 Year Old Founder Who Gives a Damn
Give a Damn Goods will be turning one year old next month! CRAZY! Our community has grown so much since I first launched and I wanted to re-introduce myself. I'm Emily, the founder of Give a Damn Goods & The Honest Consumer. I'm 23 and currently live in Seattle, but previously called Nashville & Dallas home.
Natural Bug Spray: A Summer Essential
Our natural bug spray from Thistle Farms is a must! I traveled with this bug spray when I studied abroad in Haiti and this natural alternative worked incredibly well for me. It is so important to be conscious of what we put on our skin. Using harsh chemicals to keep the bugs away can sink into our skin and be harmful to our bodies, but this natural bug spray is clean and safe.
Happy International Women's Day: Empowering Women with Consumerism
Most of our purchases directly impact women, specifically in developing countries! By practicing conscious consumerism you can have a positive impact on women. Next time you go to purchase something ask yourself....does this item empower women? Was the lady in the garment factory paid a livable wage to make this item? Was she treated with respect? Purchase from brands who support women!