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Damn Good News: Meet Give Back Brands, Social Entrepreneurs, & Ethical Goods

  • NEW Sizes Added

    After researching ethical clothing brands for The Honest Consumer, I know there are not many options for affordable plus size ethical clothing, so I wanted to make sure our tees were size inclusive. I'm so excited to announce we have sizes through XXXL now! I'm hoping to add more sizes as we continue to grow! Give a Damn Goods strives to be an inclusive brand because we give a damn....and we want everyone to give a damn!
  • FREE Give a Damn Shirt Giveaway

    Give a damn about GIVEAWAYS? It's your lucky week! Enter to win a FREE Give a Damn shirt....of your choice & style! Details for the giveaway can be found on our Instagram and Facebook page. The winner will be notified through social media and able to choose the size and style of Give a Damn shirt they prefer!
  • The Impact of Our T-Shirts...So Far

    Give a damn about having a positive impact on the world? Lucky for you our socially responsible tees are empowering people in Haiti, diverting water bottles from landfills, and much more. Check out the impact our t-shirts have had so far thanks to your purchases! Our supplier has a super cool impact calculator so we are able to track the impact of our ethically made clothing.
  • 5 Ways to Take Action Against Fast Fashion

    Fashion Revolution Week is coming to an end, but the fight against fast fashion is far from over. Sadly there is still a lot of slavery and abuse in the fashion industry. So what can we do about it? Here are a few ways to take action against fast fashion.
  • 15% off Ethical Clothing

    Friends today is the 6th anniversary of Rana Plaza. Rana Plaza was a garment factory in Bangladesh that collapsed in 2013, killing over 1100 workers. Unfortunately some popular "American" brands were using this factory to produce their garments. In honor of this and Fashion Revolution Week we're offering 15% off our ethically made clothing! Use the code FASHREV15 through Sunday.
  • What is Fashion Revolution Week?

    You might have seen the "who made my clothes" posts popping up more frequently this week due to Fashion Revolution Week. But what does that mean? Fashion Revolution Week is a time when consumers come together to demand transparency in the fashion industry while remembering Rana Plaza. Rana Plaza was a garment factory in Bangladesh that collapsed in 2013, killing over 1100 workers.