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The magic of in person shopping? Why is an online boutique writing about this? Seems silly, I know! But keep reading!

Personally, I think in person shopping is still so important  even though so much of consumerism is focused online. Shopping in person gives us the chance touch the goods,  to meet the makers (depending on where you're  shopping), & ask questions about what we're  purchasing.

I usually tend to avoid the malls and focus on shopping local! This is great because it supports small businesses and gives consumers the opportunity to create relationships with the  makers in your neighborhood.  But where do you start with finding the local shops around you & getting connected? I think vendor fairs & makers markets are a fun place to start. 

Working in the conscious consumerism space, its made me realize JUST how impactful in person shopping can be. I've been a volunteer at vendor fair/makers markets for years! And now I finally get to have my own booth for Give a Damn Goods. But what I've observed is that sharing the stories of the products in person with someone can make sure a difference. Giving customers the opportunity to touch and hold the item and make the connection to how the item was made is AMAZING! Some people light up and are so intrigued by the stories behind the products. It's truly a magical experience. 

As a business owner,  seeing customers  in  person also gives me the chance to connect with local shoppers and bring an education aspect  to the table. I'm  able to educate people on supply  chains  and share the stories of Give a Damn Goods products. 

If you're looking for local vendor fairs to attend to find gifts for the upcoming holiday season, I would recommend looking on Facebook events! That's how I find most shopping events I attend. And check out our event page. Give a Damn Goods will be coming to a few major cities including Seattle,  Dallas, & Nashville!