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I'm SO excited to reveal the OWN IT collection. This is something I've been working on and that is near and dear to my heart. I designed these products to encourage people to embrace the messiness of life.

Today with social media there is a silly pressure to have a perfect, put together image and that's not the reality! We're ALL struggling, so let's embrace it, and let people know they're not alone in the struggle! I try to be very open about my struggles through The Honest Consumer. I have anxiety. I'm all over the place all the time. I'm unorganized and that's okay. So many people are. So why pretend to be something you're not? That's a lot of work! OWN IT! 

It's OKAY to struggle and to not have it together. Life is a journey. There are going to be ups and downs and we shouldn't be afraid to embrace the downs. It's silly that struggles are something we try to hide because chances are someone else is going through, or has been through, something similar. So let's create a community around it!

Stressed, a Mess Sweatshirt
Own Your Shit

Shit happens. Share your struggles. Laugh through it. Live footage of me struggling to get my shit together on your left and here I am embracing it. No blogging is not glamorous like you see on those Instagram accounts.  Chances are, if you're anything like me, you're never going to have it all together and that's perfectly fine! OWN IT! And find people who love you no matter how messy life gets.

I designed each item to be relevant to my own messy life. BUT this collection is not just for me. It's a movement and a community. And I'm confident others will relate. I'm inviting our community members to submit their shit show moments. I'm dedicating a section of a blog to sharing peoples messy stories because I think it's something that needs to be heard and shared. Click here if you want more details on submitting. Now let's get to the new products! We're kicking it off with the boldest and my personal favorite item! I have some more conservative sayings if you're not too fond of the first one. 

Star of The Shit Show Sweatshirt

I AM the star of the shit show. I'm never put together and I don't really try to be. And I probably never will be. I have my demons. Things go wrong. And it's okay. Over the years I've learned how to laugh through it and embrace my shit show moments.

There's such a pressure to share your flawless life on social media, but how about embrace the shit that happens, go along with the  messiness, & let the world know you're a star because you're OWNING IT! Honestly, it feels so refreshing to own your shit and be true to who you my case a total shit show.

This cozy sweatshirt is made in the USA with 100% certified organic cotton fleece. Good for the environment and provides jobs in the USA.

Stressed, a Mess, But Still Ethically Dressed Sweatshirt

The Stressed, a Mess, but Still Ethically Dressed Sweatshirt is extra cozy! Celebrate the small victories, hey, even though you're a stressed mess, you made the effort to dress ethically! And you're embracing the messy journey of life! You're doing GREAT!

This fun design is printed on Alternative Apparel Sweatshirts made responsibly using eco-friendly materials such as recycled polyester and organic cotton. And printed using eco-friendly inks right here in the USA.

Hot Mess Express  Mug

The Hot Mess Express mug is perfect for embracing whatever the day throws at you. Let's be honest you're probably going to be chugging your coffee out of this while scrambling around the house trying not to be late for  ork  ;)  We've all been there. If you made coffee and are going to work today, you're doing great!

The design on this 11 oz mug is fun and the VW  bug license plate even  say "LIFE" so we  can all  admit we're hot mess  expresses going through life together! This mug is made by our B Corp Certified promotional product friends.

Fun fact the name OWN IT came from an article I wrote about a year ago called  Owning  It. Check it out! 

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Star of The Shit Show Sweatshirt

Shit Show Organic Cotton Sweatshirt

Social Impact: The Own It Apparel Collection by Give a Damn Goods encourages consumers to look past the pressure to have a perfect "Instagramable" and encourages people to embrace their
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Hot Mess Coffee Mug

Hot Mess Express Mug

Social Impact: The Hot Mess Express Mug is part of our Own It Collection. The Own It Collection by Give a Damn Goods encourages consumers to look past the
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stressed a mess sweatshirt

Stressed, a Mess Sweatshirt

Social Impact: The Own It Apparel Collection by Give a Damn Goods encourages consumers to look past the pressure to have a perfect "Instagramable" and encourages people to embrace their
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