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What Does Socially Responsible Mean?

So you've probably been seeing the word socially responsible on our website a lot.....what does that mean? Well it's a loaded phrase! But in my world, I think it means looking beyond your own actions and taking into account the bigger picture. For example, I think it means learning how product, brand, & consumer actions effect the people and the planet.

Seems like common sense right? We want the makers of our products to be paid fairly and treated well, but it's often times something consumers don't think about. Over the years there has been such a disconnect between where our goods come from, who makes the items, and the end consumer. Since a lot of our items are imported and we have the luxury of two day delivery, consumers don't have to ask these questions anymore. Items just magically appear.

what does socially responsible mean
meaning of socially responsible

BUT that is exactly why it's more important than ever that we DO ask these questions. Are your products socially responsible? How do they effect the makers of those goods? Were they paid a living wage? Was the individual treated with respect? What was the carbon footprint of that one item?

As we enter the holidays, the the season of mass consumption, I encourage you to ask yourself these questions with every purchase made! As consumers it's our responsibility to hold the brands accountable and demand positive social impact. SO support the brands that are doing good this holiday season!  

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