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A lot of people are thrown off when I say I run an ethical fashion blog & boutique. I think some people get intimidated because they don't know what ethical fashion means. And that's okay! There was a point in time when I didn't know what ethical fashion was because I didn't know fashion could be unethical.  

what is ethical fashion?

So what is ethical fashion?

This is a loaded question so we're going to keep it pretty basic for now! Ethical fashion has to do with the ethics behind the products we're purchasing. Were the makers paid fairly? Do they work in a safe environment? Are they treated with respect? Is the brand honest and transparent with their consumers? 

A lot of popular clothing and accessories companies are part of fast, affordable, clothes that aren't always great quality. Due to the price and quality of these garments, our society had shifted and started viewing clothing and accessories as disposable. Instead of investing in high quality, well made garments, most consumers don't think twice about throwing out a garment and purchasing a new one because they're so cheap. 

what is ethical fashion?

The low cost of labor in developing countries is part of the reason these garments are so cheap and sadly the garment factory workers are suffering and paying the price. Unfortunately modern day slavery, child labor, and unethical treatment of garment workers is very present in developing countries such as Bangladesh.

what is ethical clothing?

In 2013 Rana Plaza, a garment factory producing clothes for many popular fast fashion brands sold in the U.S., collapsed killing over 1,000 workers in the Bangladesh factory. And despite the tragedy, according to The True Cost, that was the fast fashion industry's most profitable year. This is just the beginning of the horrors in the fast fashion industry. There are many people suffering from our first world consumer habits. If you're interested in learning more I encourage you to watch The True Cost or check out The Honest Consumer.   

SO at Give a Damn Goods we focus on affordable ethical clothing, ethical jewelry, and ethical accessories because we believe in wearing our values and find it important to partners with brands who value people, the planet, and transparency!

Affordable Ethical Clothing

hot mess express shirt

Hot Mess Express T-Shirt

Social Impact Our t-shirt supplier produces great quality shirts, while fighting generational poverty in Haiti. LIFE, the Haitian facility where the shirts are produced, is among a number of ventures
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Stressed, a Mess Sweatshirt

Social Impact: The Own It Apparel Collection by Give a Damn Goods encourages consumers to look past the pressure to have a perfect "Instagramable" and encourages people to embrace their
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Social Impact: SO MUCH GOODNESS IN THIS TEE Our t-shirt supplier produces great quality shirts, while fighting generational poverty in Haiti. LIFE, the Haitian facility where the shirts are produced,
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