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What is Fashion Revolution Week?

by Emily Waddell

You might have seen the "who made my clothes" posts popping up more frequently this week due to Fashion Revolution Week. But what does that mean? Fashion Revolution Week is a time when consumers come together to demand transparency in the fashion industry while remembering Rana Plaza. Rana Plaza was a garment factory in Bangladesh that collapsed in 2013, killing over 1100 workers. Unfortunately some popular "American" brands were using this factory to produce their garments.

What's even worse is that these brands are not held accountable for using factories that put people's lives in danger. According to The True Cost, after the factory collapsed the fast fashion industry continued on to have their most profitable year. And even today slavery and unfair treatment is still very present in the fashion industry. It's unacceptable and heartbreaking that people lose their lives due to the high demand consumers create through fast fashion. We're all guilty of taking part in fast fashion and it's time for change. There are so many easy & FREE ways to can take action! I encourage you to start by watching The True Cost and learning more from Fashion Revolution.

At Give a Damn Goods we strive to carry only ethically made goods because we give a damn about the people and stories behind the products. Our customers can purchase with confidence knowing the goods are positively impacting the lives of others. Photos in this post from Fashion Revolution.