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What's a Vendor Fair? And Why You SHOULD Be Going

Vendor fairs,  makers markets, shows, pop-ups, markets, craft shows....there are a lot of different names for these events. Ultimately, they are all curated shopping experiences! And whatever name you choose to call it by (we'll use vendor fair in this post) they are SO much fun! I've been going to these events for years as a shopper and I seek these events out. I try to do all my holiday shopping at these shows because you can find really unique gifts that nobody else  will be giving. 

I'm surprised at how shoppers don't take part in these events! Vendor fairs are a great way to support local entrepreneurs in your areas, support creatives, and have a unique shopping experience. I'll be doing a few vendor fairs for Give a Damn Goods and to get people excited I encourage you to check out the video to your right. I'll be participating in Flea Style Dallas this weekend! Yes,  this is a video from a few years ago, but you can see how there are so many vendors, unique goods, fun foods, photo booths, activities, & more!

A Few FAQS from New Shoppers Exploring the Vendor Fair Scene

What will I find at Vendor Fairs?
Well, for starters they're all different. Some of them have  themes, some of them are  exclusively handmade items, you  just have to  find the events  in your area and see. But for the most part you'll find unique items you haven't seen before ranging from food, candles, clothes, home decor, & art.

Are these markets open to the public? Free? Kid-friendly, dog friendly?
Yes, most are open to the public....all  the market I'm doing are. Most are free too! Some vendor fairs will  have a small admission fee that usually runs  around  $5. Some are  inside, some are outside. Most are kid friendly & some are pet friendly. This depends on where the vendor fair is being held, check  your local vendor fairs for details like this!

What is so special about these markets?
As the sign says, this is an opportunity to support the creatives and makers in your community. It's also a great opportunity to meet the creative business owners, ask them questions about their goods, and connect. Also I cannot stress enough how unique the goods you find at these markets are. Be different and have locally made items that you can only get at certain fairs.  

 Are there things to do other than shopping?
Typically, yes! Most vendor fairs have food trucks, live music, and more. Some have kid areas other have bars, some have all of the above! It depends on the event you're attending. 

How do I find vendor fairs in my area?
Personally, I use Facebook events! This is a great resource to discover the local fairs in your city. Also, once you connect with some of the makers, follow them on social media. They'll typically post about their upcoming events too! 

Here are a few shows I'll be doing for Give a Damn Goods and what customers can expect so you can see how the two markets are different.

Flea Style Dallas: This market focuses on handmade, one-of-a-kind, & vintage. I've been to this market before and they have a wide range of clothes, accessories, gifts, & home decor. When I first heard of this market, I thought it would be mainly secondhand/vintage goods based on the name of the market, but it was so much more than that! At this market you'll find plenty of vendors, food vendors, craft area, live music, a bar, & more! Event details here.   

Good Makers Market Nashville: All the vendors at this event are focused on social impact. That means each purchase gives back in some way. Here you'll find mainly gifty items such as jewelry, soaps, coffee, & more. At this event you can also find live music, food trucks, & shopping.    

Be sure to check out Give a Damn Goods event page if you're interested in shopping  with us at an upcoming vendor fair! We'll be in Dallas, Nashville, & Seattle for upcoming holiday markets!  Photos in this post from Flea Style. 

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