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Head to Toe Body Wash

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Social Impact: Your purchase of Thistle Farms products directly impacts the healing and empowerment of women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. Because of customers like you, in 2017 Thistle Farms:

  • Housed 61 survivors in the Magdalene residential program.
  • Employed 41 survivors across all departments.
  • Helped 11 survivors to move into their own apartment.
  • Provided 1,873 medical and mental health appointments.
  • Funded 208 women's salaries around the world through our Global partnerships

Product Description: 

  • Performing as a shampoo, body wash, and facial cleanser this all-in-one wash purifies from head to toe. Natural ingredients blended with pure essential oils leave the skin and scalp cleansed, moisturized and refreshed.

    - Available in; Citrus Wood, Lavender, & Eucalyptus Mint
    - Natural humectants retain moisture
    - 16 fl. oz.

    Usage: Apply in shower or bath lather and rinse. Follow up with Thistle Farms Nourishing Body Butter or Enriching Body Lotion.