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eucalyptus mint shave gel
All Natural Shaving Gel
All Natural Shaving Gel
All Natural Shaving Gel
shaving gel made in USA

Cooling Shave Gel

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Social Impact: 

Thistle Farms is a nonprofit social enterprise dedicated to helping women survivors recover and heal from trafficking and addiction. Thistle Farms does this by providing a safe place to live, meaningful employment opportunities, and a supportive community. Learn more about Thistle Farms mission and be sure to check out all the Thistle Farms products. 

    Product Description:

    The Cooling Shave Gel offers an incomparable effect for close shaves. The uniting action of eucalyptus mint and aloe vera energizes the skin and prevents irritation. All-gender friendly, this shave gel promises to leave you feeling refreshed and uplifted.
    • - Great for men and women
      - Non-foaming formula
      - 3 fl. oz or mini 1.5 oz.

      Usage: Squeeze a small amount, just enough to cover desired area, then glide razor for a smooth shave. Follow with your favorite Thistle Farms moisturizer.