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Why I Made the Switch to a Cork Yoga Mat: 42 Birds Review

I recently made the switch to a cork yoga mat and am excited to share my thoughts and experience. I was excited to find 42 Birds, a small business with strong sustainable values!

Why I Made the Switch to a Cork Yoga Mat

Unfortunately, a lot of yoga mats are made with synthetic materials and toxic chemicals which aren’t the best especially when deep breathing and working out.

eco-friendly cork yoga mat from small business

The mat I was previously using was for sure plastic based and once it started falling apart I wanted to find a more eco-conscious option. I chose cork for a few reasons:

  • Cork is a natural renewable material that can be harvested in a sustainable way. The bark can actually be removed without harming the trees which is great. Rainforest Alliance reports a harvested cork oak tree stores up to five times more carbon than an unharvested tree, since the tree utilizes additional carbon in the regeneration of its bark and that a single cork oak, which lives up to 200 years, can be harvested over 16 times.
  • Cork has natural anti-microbial properties that resist mold, mildew and bad smells making this a great material for working out.
  • I know a couple people in my yoga class with cork yoga mats and they’ve had them for years!

42 Birds has some great resources on why they use cork that go more into the details on the sustainability of cork.

42 Birds Cork Yoga Products

42 Birds is a sibling owned small business named after the 42 bird species in the cork forests according to 100% Cork.

sustainable cork yoga mat from 42 birds

I was so excited when I found 42 Birds cork yoga products because I feel like this is a brand that really Gives a Damn! On top of crafting their products with sustainable materials, this brand is part of 1% For The Planet. They donate one percent of profits to organizations that support vulnerable forests around the world such as WWF, Cork Forest Conservation Alliance, and National Audubon Society.

Plus, they have resources on recycling cork products with their partner Cork Forest Alliance

Robin Cork Yoga Mat Review

I purchased the Robin lightweight cork yoga mat during their Earth Day sale. This eco-friendly yoga mat is under $100.

The Robin measures 72″ X 26” and features a cork top with a 5mm thick slip-resistant foam on the bottom that is 100% recyclable, and free of PVC, plasticizers, and latex.

I really appreciate both layers on this mat. The cork provides a great grip while the foam bottom provides just the right amount of cushion.

dog on eco-friendly cork yoga mat

The yoga mat also came with a cotton yoga mat strap which is convenient for carrying my mat to my weekly yoga class.

I love the weight of the mat. It’s think enough to provide extra padding, but light enough to easily carry to and from yoga class.

As someone who switched from a plastic based yoga mat to the cork, I enjoy the cork mat much more. I feel an extra element of grounding standing on something that is a clean material connected to nature.

My only two cons for this yoga mat are:

  • The black cushion backing does seem to pick up quite a bit of pet hair, but nothing a lint roller can’t fix!
  • The ends of the mat sometimes need a bit of weight put on them to make them straight, but I’m thinking over time this will go away.

I’ve really been loving my cork yoga mat from 42 Birds! If you’re thinking about switching to a non-toxic yoga mat, I’d definitely recommend checking out this small business.