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5 Creative Ways to Put Together a Sustainable Earth Day Outfit

If you’re looking to be festive with a special outfit this Earth Day, we’ve got some great ideas! This list of Earth Day outfit ideas features some fun creative ways to put together a unique eco-friendly look.

Try to avoid the fast fashion Earth Day t-shirts as they’re usually made with unethical and unsustainable materials. Instead try to use what you already have in your closet, get crafty, shop small, and use your eco-friendly skills to style yourself.

woman wearing earth day t-shirt

How to Put Together an Earth Day Outfit

Get Earth Day ready with these ideas!

Clothing Swap

If you’re hoping to get some new pieces for a fresh look, hosting a clothing swap is a fun way to celebrate Earth Day! Invite your friends to bring their unwanted clothes and swap with them. This is a fun way to spend time together, clean out your closets, and get some new clothing for free!

Get Crafty & Upcycle Something You Own

One of the most sustainable things we can do is to value the things we already own! Go through your closet and see which pieces need a little bit of love. This could be something simple like resewing a button or a hole, or getting extra crafty and adding a new element like patchwork or embroidery.

woman wearing upcycled denim jacket with embroidery

You could even upcycle an old t-shirt with a fun Earth Day design!

Thrift Your Earth Day Outfit

Head to your local thrift store and see what unique pieces you can find. Choosing clothing that is given a second life through thrifting is a wonderful way to celebrate the Earth! You can even invite your friends and make it a group activity!

Choose Natural & Sustainable Materials

Natural materials typically have a lower impact on the environment. Go through your closet and choose clothes like organic cotton, hemp, or linen to wear in honor of Mother Earth.

woman's closet with natural clothing

Support Small & local businesses

If you decide you want new clothes for your Earth Day outfit opt to support a small business that uses sustainable materials! Consider looking for made to order or small batch options too as these brands really value reducing waste!

Hopefully these sustainable style tips have given you ideas on how to create your Earth Day outfit! Pin these eco-friendly outfit ideas for later!