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15 Eco-friendly Etsy Shops for Sustainable Buying

Etsy can be a great place to support small businesses, crafters, and family owned companies who share your sustainable values!

This list of Etsy shops can be a great resource when looking for unique eco gift ideas or low waste swaps!

sustainable etsy shop graphic

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Type of Products: Home Goods & Clothing

Price Range: $11-$66

The shop focuses on making everyday things eco-friendly. You’ll find products like reusable zero-waste paper towels, tote bags, clothes, and more. After the owner of StacyKitchenDecor became a mother, she wanted to create a more sustainable world for her daughter and launched her shop!

handmade reusable paper towels

Stacy’s handcrafted home goods are a great place to start if you’re looking to make low waste swaps or find some cute natural clothes!

Sustain by Kat’s Natural Clothing

Type of Products: Sustainable Clothing for Women, Kids, & Babies

Price Range: $4-$102

Sustain was born out of shop owner Kat’s frustration of not being able to find clothing options that would be good to her skin. After getting skin rashes for many years, Kat decided to create her own solution.

natural top for women blue

The clothes you’ll find in the Sustain shop are made with organic, natural fibers and no harmful dyes or toxic chemicals. Plus, Sustain by Kat uses natural dyes from fruits and vegetables!

In the shop you’ll find clothes for women, kids, and babies, in addition to materials to create your own clothes.

Sunshine Company’s Sustainable Skincare

Type of Products: Natural Skincare

Price Range: $6-$50

Jasmine, the owner of Sunshine Company, believes in showing love to the earth without sacrificing self care. To do this she uses essential oils, and other natural ingredients, in her products.

zero waste lotion stick

Even the packaging is eco-friendly featuring compostable tubes to put the perfume, lotions, and lip balms in. The Sunshine Company’s products are handmade in San Antonio, TX!

Tumbling Tree Toys

Type of Products: Natural Kids Toys

Price Range: $14-$46

Tumbling Tree Toys is a family-owned and operated business that makes and sells wooden toys using all natural wood. The wood they use for the toys is responsibly sourced in Canada.

natural wood toy for kids

After each toy is crafted it is then finished with food contact safe Danish oil. Some of the toys you’ll find in their shop are teethers, wooden swords, and puzzles, to name a few.

Aire Candle Co.

Type of Products: Beeswax candles

Price Range: $15-$33

Aire Candle Co. sells all natural beeswax candles, in addition to wax melts, room sprays, and more. All of the products that the founder, Justin, makes are free of toxins, phthalates, parabens, lead, soy, paraffin, synthetic/artificial fragrances, petroleum, and dyes.

natural beeswax candle

These non-toxic candles are handpoured in Cape Cod, MA.

Two Howling Labs Upcycled Clothing

Product Type: Upcycled Patchwork Clothing

Price Range: $16-$200

Sofi Ronning, the owner of Two Howling Labs, had a goal to make sustainable clothes that are fun for every body.

upcycled patchwork hoodie

She uses reclaimed materials, thrifted & vintage clothing, and polymer clay for the earrings. Using these materials makes the clothing zero waste and unique. Two Howling Labs clothes and accessories are ethically made in Portland.

Honeywell Apothecary

Product Type: Skincare & Self Care

Price Range: $8-$65

Honeywell Apothecary is a skincare and self care brand that takes special notice to what is, and is not, in their products. The products are free of sulfates, parabens, artificial fragrance, propylene glycol, aluminum, and synthetic preservatives.

natural skincare gift set from etsy

Honeywell Apothecary prioritizes choosing sustainable options that protect the earth this includes local sourcing of honey + beeswax. AND they also grow their own flowers and herbs to use for designs if necessary. 

Olsen Olsen Design

Product Type: Reusable wrapping products

Price Range: $4-$16

Olsen Olsen Design is a family-owned business making sustainable goods like reusable gift wrapping made with recycled materials, beeswax food wrap, and other zero waste essentials.

reusable wrapping for wine bottle

Their products help lessen the amount of waste in the world and promote a more eco-friendly living.

Not Perfect Linen

Type of Product: Linen Clothing

Price Range: $7-$150

Not Perfect Linen is a family-owned business that sells eco-friendly clothing and other linen products. Their linen is Oeko – tex certified linen fabric from a local manufacturer. Not Perfect Linen operates on a made to order basis so that they can reduce waste.

Me Mother Earth

Product Type: Zero waste products & swaps

Price Range: $4-$46

The drive behind this company has been to live a better, plastic-free, life. Me Mother Earth is a husband and wife team that are learning about sustainable living as they go along, and sharing what they know and create as well.

zero waste swaps from etsy shop

In their Etsy shop you’ll find reusable items and zero waste swaps like drinkware, personal care, and household essentials.

BeNat Now

Product Type: Hair & Skin Care

Price Range: $5-$45

Nadia is a mom of three that wanted to find a way to raise awareness about the chemicals that are in our daily personal care and cosmetics products. That is where she came up with the idea to start BeNat Now. She creates small batches of hair care, skin care, cosmetics, and more products, all made with all-natural ingredients. 

Bunzow Glass Upcycled Jewelry

Product Type: Jewelry

Price Range: $25-$90

Bunzow Glass Co. isn’t your typical jewelry company. Luke and Nikki Bunzow make jewelry out of upcycled glass bottles.

earrings made from recycled vodka bottles

What started out as a hobby in 2016 turned into a side-hustle, and has now become a business. Since they started they have upcycled over 10,000 bottles out of landfills in their home state of Idaho. Some of the jewelry you’ll find in their shop are earrings, necklaces, and more.

Wild Harvest Studio

Product Type: Natural Clothes for Women

Price Range: $50-$141

In this Etsy shop you’ll find sustainably made shirts, dresses, pants, and more. With a love for the Earth, Jessica, the owner of Wild Harvest Studio, uses materials like natural fibers and plant dyes in her creations.

Magic Linen’s Natural Home Goods

Product Type: linen bedding & bath products

Price Range: $19-$210

Magic Linen is a family business that specializes in bespoke linen, linen bedding, bath linen, and more. They use European linen fabric that is OEKO-TEX certified.

linen bedding from etsy

All of the products are handmade, to make sure attention to detail is prioritized. Vita, the owner, started creating linens for friends and family and now they are a business shipping to the US.

Color Oasis Hawaii

Product Type: Stationery, stickers, buttons, & sun catchers

Price Range: $3-$24

Color Oasis Hawaii sell mindful products that feature original design and are meant to be encouraging. They sell suncatchers, stickers, buttons, and more with positive sayings on them. Their products are also handmade, with their buttons being made of recycled metal, and greeting cards made from recycled paper.

Hopefully this guide helped you identify some sustainable Etsy shops to check out next time you’re looking to support small businesses!