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8 Eco-friendly Planners to Keep You Organized 2024

Planners can be used for students, business professionals, entrepreneurs, stay at home moms, really anyone. It’s a way to keep organized when it comes to to-do-lists, events, appointments, etc. 

2024 sustainable planner graphic

When it comes to choosing a planner the options are endless. If you’re looking to make a sustainable choice this year, check out these planners perfect for the new year!

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A List of Sustainable Planners for Staying Organized

Below I’ve listed sustainable planners that would be great for things like your daily to-do-list, weekly reflections, monthly planning, and more. You’ll find paper planners made with recycled materials, as well as a digital planner, and custom planners.

Custom 2024 planner

Get your own personalized, handmade planner with this Kraft Soft Cover planner from the brand Favorite Story. This 12-month planner also comes with monthly tabs that are durable. 

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This 12-month planner also comes with monthly tabs that are durable. This eco-friendly planner’s cover is made from kraft card stock. This card stock is 100% recycled (30% PCW) fiber and is manufactured using wind-generated electricity.

Favorite Story is based out of Danville, California. One of the sustainable practices they strive for is to keep things local. From manufacturing to retailers, the company does its best to support local businesses through their business. In addition to planners they also sell stationary, calendars, gifting supplies, and more. 

The Daily Eco Friendly Planner

Support small business with BeatificDotCo. This Etsy shop has a range of weekly, monthly, and personalized planners.

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Each planner is “heart-crafted” with love and care. Select BeautificDotCo planners have content such as daily gratitude, life goal planning, weekly happiness reflection, daily to-do-list, etc.. With every purchase the owner of the shop, plants a tree in the buyers’ name.

Recycled 2024 Daily Planner

This sustainable 2024 planner are made from eco-friendly renewable paper pulp imported from Italy.

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This eco-planner comes in a range of colors and features FSC certified paper.

2 year small kraft monthly spiral planner

If function is your priority, this Etsy shop may have your perfect solution for a planner. With Letter C Planners you have a few different options when it comes to finding the right planner for you. 

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Letter C Planners was created by designer Cindy Slater. Her inspiration for the business is to “create a little cheer in everyday.” Since 2005 the company has been creating products using eco-friendly and recyclable materials.

Letter C Planners have inside pages that are made from recycled kraft text paper, a cover made of recycled cover stock, a back cover is recycled chipboard, and the planner is spiral bound.

2024 Zero-Waste Weekly Planner

This Zero Waste Planner from Wisdom Supply Co comes is made with 100% recycled paper. On top of that, it’s also plastic and vinyl free as well. Wisdom Supply Co. truly cares about doing their part for a better world.

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Wisdom Supply Co. is a certified b corporation. This means that the company is one of the many “for-profit companies that use the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.”

Ponder Lily Planners

Ponderlily has helped thousands of women create, and stay on top of, a better work-life balance. Ponderlily offers undated and dated planners made with vegetable-based inks. Along with eco-friendly inks Ponderlily uses recycled paper, linen, and other sustainable materials. Their planners can be purchased for $37-$52.

‘House of Doolittle FSC Certified Paper Planners with Soy Ink

There are different format options you can choose from when buying a House of Doolittle® planner. You can purchase a daily planner, weekly planner, a monthly one, or a combination of weekly and monthly.  Each type of planner features various beautiful theme options as well.

They are made of 100% post-consumer recycled FSC certified paper with soy inks, 90% recycled and our book covers are 50% recycled. 

eco-friendly weekly planner

House of Doolittle is located in Chicago, Illinois. The business, started by John Dolittle in 1919 based on a customer’s suggestion. Then in 1978, the company was sold to Ron Stavoe. He expanded the product line, as well as their environmental efforts. One of those environmental efforts is contributing 5% of its profits to organizations helping to preserve the environment., as well as 5% of sales on “pink” products. 

Green Dreamer Planner

The Green Dreamer Planner is much more than a planner. It includes mindfulness and goal-setting guides, affirmation and gratitude sections, and even more. It’s also undated, so there is no pressure to start on a certain day or use it every week. Green Dreamer Planners range from $9-$25.

What makes this an eco-friendly planner is the use of recycled paper and 100% recyclable cotton (book cloths). There is even a digital planner option so that you can save the paper if you enjoy planning on your phone/tablet. 

Now that you have more information about eco-friendly planners, you’re able to make a more informed decision. Whether you are going to school, have an exciting project coming up at work, or just need more organization in your life, a planner can help with that.