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My Upcycled T-Shirt Quilt from Keepsake Review

For those of you who have been here a while you know Give a Damn Goods used to be an online boutique! I spent years sourcing ethical and sustainable products from small businesses, but one of my favorite parts was designing products myself.

I used to LOVE designing t-shirts and having them made with eco-friendly materials.

When I decided to close the e-commerce shop, I knew I wanted to do something special with the left over t-shirts.

As an advocate of sustainability I’ve always admired t-shirt quilts as a great way to upcycle tees. However, as a non-crafty person I’ve never had the courage to try to make one. I was SO glad when I came across Keepsake T-Shirt Quilts & Blankets.

review of upcycled t-shirt quilt

Keepsake T-Shirt Quilts & Blankets is a non-profit social enterprise on a mission to provide meaningful employment to members of the deaf/hard of hearing community. Through out the years Keepsake T-Shirt Quilts & Blankets has been able to employ 115+ deaf employees and create over 10,000 custom t-shirt blankets…that’s upcycling & saving a lot of tees!

I purchased a t-shirt quilt from Keepsake T-Shirt Quilts & Blankets. This was such a special way to remember my t-shirt designs, sustainably preserve them, and upcycle them! I knew this was perfect for preserving some of my beloved tees.

I’m excited to share my review of Keepsake T-Shirt Quilts & Blankets.

My Experience with Keepsake T-Shirt Quilts & Blankets

I purchased the 12 Shirt Quilt. The price was listed at $350, but I was able to find a coupon code to lower this a bit.

sustainable custom t-shirt quilt

The 12 T-Shirt Quilt was a great choice as it allowed me to fit a variety of shirts on my quilt. The instructions were clear and straight forward. I chose my fabric, packed the clean shirts, and mailed them off.

I received e-mails through out the creation process of my quilt. They even e-mailed me to approve the placement of the different t-shirts on the quilt. The process took about a month.

I was SO happy with how my quilt turned out. The quality of the fabric and stitching is wonderful. The placement turned out great. The entire order process was smooth and I’m so thrilled to have this quilt as a way to remember my days as a t-shirt designer and online boutique owner. It’s so special.

I also sincerely appreciate that I was able to support a small business that has a heartfelt mission with my purchase.

Custom t-shirt quilts from Keepsake T-Shirt Quilts and Blankets are a great way to sustainably keep t-shirts, create meaningful gifts for loved ones, and give back. This would be a great graduation gift for anyone looking to keep their college tees or a traveler looking to preserve travel t-shirts.

I’ve been on their e-mail list for a while now and recommend signing up for this as they have a decent amount of sales! This can be a great way to save money on your upcycled tee quilt.

Would I Recommend Purchasing a T-Shirt Quilt?

Yes, I would definitely recommend Keepsake T-Shirt Quilts & Blankets and will for sure be purchasing again. I’m hoping to purchase another t-shirt quilt soon for my concert t-shirts!

custom upcycled t-shirt quilt review
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