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Easily Connect with Ethical Brands for Your Boutique

Since launching The Honest Consumer & Give a Damn Goods I have worked with over 200 socially responsible brands! Let me connect you with brands that match your values, price point, and aesthetic, so you can get your shop up & running quickly! 

How do retail/wholesale connections work?

We'll schedule an initial discovery call for $50. During this call we will spend time exploring the types of products you hope to carry, values important to you, price point, & more. After our call I'll search my brand network of over 200+ brands that best fit your needs. 

Then for a Flat Rate Connection Fee I'll...

  • Create personal e-mail introductions between you & my point of contact at the brand
  • Provide an in-depth report featuring the brands I have selected for you, what kind of products they offer, & explaining why I think they will fit well in your shop. 
  • If this is a brand I sell on my website I'll provide in-sights on which products sell best
  • Pick out a few specific items from each brand that I think would work well in your shop
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Boutique Testimonial

small business boutique

From the careful selection of brands to the amazing rapport she establishes with her designers and retailers, Emily is a true gift to work with! She goes above and beyond and keeps us up to date on new products and brands she thinks will be a good fit. At House Of, we take pride in providing local brands that are sustainable and well-meaning. Working with Emily has been a great way to find respectable brands that align with our vision. Thank you for a great wholesale experience, Emily! " -House Of, Nashville TN