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Meet The Founder

Social Entrepreneur Launches Online Social Impact BoutiqueHi. I'm Emily. I founded Give a Damn Goods as a response to the growth of The Honest Consumer community. Through The Honest Consumer I have been able to share the stories of social enterprises, spread the word of ethically made goods, and empower consumers for over two years. After an organic growth in traffic, I decided to take the plunge and create a mini-marketplace featuring a few brands I love. Give a Damn Goods focuses on affordable goods that make a difference, while encouraging consumers to shop their values. When YOU use your purchase power to make a purchase from Give a Damn Goods you're purchasing from a real person, small business, and supporting your ethics.

Thanks for Giving a Damn, listening to this ramble, & choosing Give a Damn Goods. It really means the world to me! Together we can make a difference! Really and truly your purchase power matters, if you keep buying, we'll keep finding awesome social impact brands for you to support!