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Social Entrepreneur Launches Online Social Impact BoutiqueHi. I'm Emily. I founded Give a Damn Goods as a response to the growth of The Honest Consumer community. Through The Honest Consumer I have been able to share the stories of social enterprises, spread the word of ethically made goods, and empower consumers for over two years. After an organic growth in traffic, I decided to take the plunge and create a mini-marketplace featuring a few brands I love. Give a Damn Goods focuses on affordable goods that make a difference, while encouraging consumers to shop their values. When YOU use your purchase power to make a purchase from Give a Damn Goods you're purchasing from a real person, small business, and supporting your ethics.

Give a Damn Goods also has a unique wholesale platform that connects retailers to social impact brands. My mission of making socially responsible goods readily available continues through this channel. After working with social impact brands for over two years, I wanted to make sure their good work was getting exposure, not only through social media, but in the retail world as well. Learn more about Give a Damn Goods Wholesale here. 

Thanks for Giving a Damn, listening to this ramble, & choosing Give a Damn Goods. It really means the world to me! Together we can make a difference! Really and truly your purchase power matters, if you keep buying, we'll keep finding awesome social impact brands for you to support!