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damn good coffee
medium dark fair trade coffee
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Damn Good Coffee

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Social Impact

This is a collaboration with my favorite local coffee roasters, Frenchie Coffeea family owned coffee roaster located in Port Orchard, WA. Frenchie Coffee works with South American coffee farms and roasts the organically grown beans in small batches.  This socially responsible gives back by donating 5% of proceeds to animal shelters.

Product Description

Frenchie Coffee is oragnically grown on farms using fair trade practices. Our Damn Good Coffee features my favorite medium dark Frenchie blend from Peru. This Peruvian coffee is low on acidity with nutty notes that gives it a smooth smoky finish. Generally, Peruvian coffee has a light to medium body and a smooth aftertaste. It’s also aromatic and incredibly flavorful. Because of its mildness, it’s perfect for blending but the sweet, nutty taste also means it can be savored on its own.