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9 Reasons Why I Hate Fast Fashion

Let’s face it…fast fashion SUCKS! It’s bad for the environment, it’s bad for the garment industry workers, it’s bad for our wallets, and the list goes on.

A List of Why Fast Fashion Sucks

I’m sharing all the reasons why I hate fast fashion and a few observations about my journey becoming a more conscious consumer.

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Supports Trends That Create an Endless Cycle of Consumerism

Trends have always been a key element of fashion. However, with the rise of social media and fashion influencers style trends have exploded. Fast fashion brands mass produce garments to capitalize off of trendy clothing.

Marketing and social media can make consumers feel like they need to buy these items in order to be stylish and fit in creating an endless cycle of consumerism with new trends constantly popping up.

Instead of appreciating the clothing already in their closet, consumers focus on buying the newest garments of the season.

Fast Fashion Brands Steal Designs from Small Businesses

In order to keep up with trends and pieces doing well bigger brands tend to take designs from small businesses. For example there have been multiple reports of Urban Outfitters stealing designs from independent designers and Free People taking designs from smaller fashion labels.

This is incredibly harmful to small businesses and creatives both financially and on a respect level.

Bad for the Environment

By now it’s common knowledge that the mass production of clothing is incredibly harmful to the planet. Between the impact of water usage, energy, microplastics, toxic dyes, and other harmful materials, mass production isn’t ideal. On top of that, the mass production creates a lot of waste.

If you’re interested in learning more about the environmental impact of fast fashion I’d recommend watching The True Cost. It’s a very informative documentary.

Cheap Clothing That Doesn’t Last

Let’s be real…most of the fast fashion we buy falls apart. That’s because it’s not designed to last. Most fast fashion brands want consumers to view clothing as disposable, so that they buy more. Unfortunately this can end up costing us more money in the long run.

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One thing I’ve noticed since becoming a more conscious consumer is the impact of investing in clothing. When I pick out a sustainable piece of clothing, sure, it’s a bit more of an upfront cost. However, these pieces usually last for multiple years because they’re better made with higher quality materials.

Exploits to Garment Workers

Through the mass production of fast fashion clothing garment workers are often exploited. Sometimes factory workers are underpaid, over worked, forced to work in unsafe environments, some factories use child labor, and there have even been reports of prison labor associated with popular fast fashion brands.

On of the more talked about examples is the collapse of Rana Plaza. This garment factory collapsed killing over 1100 workers. The factory made clothing for popular brands we know here in America and the clothing brands were not held responsible.

Consider watching The True Cost to learn more about this tragedy.

Doesn’t Match My Values

I value people and the planet. By purchasing fast fashion I’m supporting something that doesn’t align with my values.

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Bad for Farmers

On top of being bad for factory workers, farming communities are also impacted. For example, conventional cotton farming is harmful to farmers and surrounding communities due to all the pesticides.


While a lot of people feel like they got a great deal when they purchase the clothing, it often falls apart fast. This can cost the end consumer more.

Clutters Our Closet, Creates Waste & Overproduction

This overproductions creates overconsumption which clutters our closets and creates waste. Sometimes after buying so many things we get overwhelmed by our closets. We can forget what clothes we already have. Sometimes we purge our closets and send clothes to the landfill.

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Hopefully this post has encouraged you to reflect on the negative impact fast fashion has.